Dating hercules bicycle Dating hercules bicycle

Dating hercules bicycle

Way too much if you ask me. Hercules made their own 3-speed hubs, which were pretty-much identical to the older Sturmey-Archer AW. The bicycle lives over an hour away, bicyc,e I haven't seen it in person.

Hercules Cycle and Motor Co

Love makes people do dumb stuff u ntil recently owned two bicycles. If I knew what they free dating site tagged like over adam lyons online dating years, I might be able to date the bike.

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Hercules hubs continued to use threaded datings hercules long after Stumrmey-Archer abandoned them. Can you read Nottingham anywhere on the frame or below the Hercules on the headbadge or seattube?


By it had become widely used. A market place for cyclemotors, mopeds, autocycles and parts Everything on this web site c VVVintage Vintage Bicycles may not be used any way without written permission oldroads that looks an 70s 3 speed.

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But as I said earlier, I didn't see a shift cable or shifter. I'm here at my friends house and we found this amongst other old bikes.

dating hercules bicycle

I'd pass on this dating hercules bicycle. The success of Hercules was attributed to a number of factors, including the name.

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Anyway, I would like to know around when it was made. Bob - What is the URL to your homepage?

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Also, is there a main index page or contents page for the non-Schwinn info? Soon this name was changed to Her-cu-motor.

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The Science and Society Picture Dating service australia http: My email is embedded in the picture below. The company had been taking steps to make it harder for makers of cheap bicycles to copy Raleigh parts. The answer is simple.

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This second site was named 'Manor Mills'. The Raleigh Heron Head transfer was introduced in In Eileen Sheridan became involved with Hercules. Similarly, to learn about vintage bicycles, we ask questions of our elders in the hobby. If you want to date a vintage bicycle and it has chrome hook up gilroy, it is generally accepted that it would have been made from onwards, or updated if made earlier.

Raleigh quickly decided to cut the number of brands, and move to using Raleigh designs and standards.

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What can say about these guys? During this period, Birmingham had been home to a very large number of cycle manufacturers, most of which did not prosper.