Dating a man who has no job Dating Men with no job

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I mean not being funny, I've worked my butt off for 2 years for next to no pay and all I have to show for it is a car I can't afford and hardly anything to gumtree dating newcastle for it.

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So if you see this guy getting his house in order over the next six datings, and you really want to give things a try, sure. On preview, what rabbitrabbit and frowner said.

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I also feel like it's important to add that this type of feeling, this "Everything's great except for this one issue," is the most difficult thing a person can go through in a relationship. He makes the bed, you dust the tables.

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I found out he was not working and living on his mother's property in his own place. How resentful would you be when you're going into debt to pay the rent and he still doesn't want to work for someone else?

I only live wih my mom to help her out. I once said that in my family, we are all congenitally incapable of working for someone else.

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Being a role model for them, being responsible for them? It's about being responsible.

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I think you should leave him, not because he's such a loser but because that's what you see. He is very responsible with money which i really respect job himhe is frugal and spends his money only on essentials food, rent and the occasional beers when he goes out. One day, he wants a relationship.

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How about saving the fancy restaurants to go out with friends on similar doe and going like for like with eateries for him for now I would find it impossible, for example, to have a relationship with the OP, you, or indeed an owner of a hotel, but saying this need not man who my judging any of you. No has should be doing all of the work, you have to have a happy medium.

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If that's not something you're up for, shut that one down real quick and see how he responds. Skip to main content.

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When it came time to plan dates, I had high expectations.