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Love the Cliffs of Moher bhaskar dating website your feet. Joanna and Mike, This was a fabulous post.

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Even if it is movie night in our room, it really makes a difference. Thanks for stopping by: And then thank him for doing so.

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Thank you so much for all that you do, I wish more people placed such a high value on marriage. Keep up to date with our latest and greatest posts.

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This article has become the most popular post on my whole blog! Thanks for reading, and congrats on 24 years! Patterns are so easy to fall into and the reconnection is definitely so important. Kelly Obrien September 24, at I love that you both have husband to be so intentional about your relationship, even before something starts to feel "off.

Have you ever had one of those goodnight kisses like in a movie? Kayla Dean September 28, at 4: When we were finally cruising up the steep hill to our house, my husband looked at me and said that our daughter was going to be royally upset. Both my hubby and I love it, really keeps things skip dating get married and changes things up. Alison August 19, at 6: Pamela Bennett Wyoming dating sites 19, at 9: I make it a point to have a date night at least once a week where we dress up for gay ghana dating other and go out!

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He is getting better about it though. Talk about your days, be annoyingly cute, and don't ever believe that your "too young" to do something. Erlene A September 26, at 3: I wanted to keep it forever. My husband is my best friend, too, so it just makes sense!

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My husband and I don't have any kiddos yet but are really focused on our careers. That's great that your hubby is dating an effort to get better at it, and that you both are finding it's a valuable time for you.

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Kids need to be shown how to fight, and then how to make up. Thank you for putting that excitement back in the mix!!! First time on your blog.

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Now if I don't go over for awhile, even he will invite me. He was my high school love who I had been with for 9 years.

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We still go on dates at least every other week. Date night Although we had never fallen out of love, we have a new relationship.

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I'm sure you can find a way to go on a fun date soon! If you have kids, find a babysitter.

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My husband and I need to do better at dating each other! Now, you may be thinking: We live in a tiny city apartment together, but still try to keep things to ourselves. Moms of four rarely talk about problems in their marriage. It's good to see that early on in your marriage you have a plan to to keep things going.