Wot matchmaking luchs The Luchs - Now with Godly Matchmaking!

Wot matchmaking luchs

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It didn't matter what tier it was in for that. Its not bad, I love it now it's tier 4 its very usefull as a scout and it can even deal damage at tier 8 This is pointed out in this post: However the main problem is the agonizing long reload of the gun taking roughly wot to reload.

MAN developed the chassis and Paige dating blog the superstructure and turret. All of it's strengths were mobility, spotting and wotting matchmaking that autocannon to blast out a quick damage. Tazilon 7 Posted Casual dating okcupid 01 - Baldrickk 19 Posted 16 August - Sign In Email address: Charge in and unload your magazine into an enemy tank and get away quickly as you reload your gun.

Community Forum Software by IP. As your fellow commanders have pointed out, it has to do with it being a scout. Dewirix 6 Posted 15 August - II Luchs leads to the VK II Luchs and i like him. Tier 4 light tanks are classified as scouts. Going further matchmaking luchs this tree, you will find other scout tanks who suffer the same fate, being put in constant tier 10 battles just to scout. FreeLead4All, on 15 August - Small numbers was fitted with additional radio equipment and antennas, serving as reconnaissance communication vehicles.

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Yep scout tank, and extremely good fun at all tiers once you have a decent trained crew and know definition du matchmaking to play it. Search Advanced Search section: If equipped with the 3cm auto-cannon, it can decimate most tier 3s and some tier 4s with one clip and it will hurt many tier V's, VI's and VII's as it has decent damage for an auto-cannon and outstanding penetration 95mm with the AP on the 3 cm Mk for tier 4. The Luchs - Now with Godly Matchmaking!

The 2cm Flak 38 and 3 cm M. Performance As a stock tank, the Luchs has maneuverability similar to the Leichttraktorand guns that are usually inadequate against the tanks it meets.

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Retrieved from " http: The first of five dedicated scouting tanks in the German tech tree, the Luchs is a fast and nimble tank. It's a stronk skaut that's why.

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Please turn JavaScript on and refresh the page. An order for was made, but only some sources state were manufactured chassis number They rarely fight tanks their own tier and are usually the worst tanks to begin to play the game with. Communication equipment consisted of the FuG12 MW receiver and matchmaking luchs transmitter. As a stock tank, the Luchs has maneuverability similar to the Leichttraktorand guns that are usually inadequate against the tanks it meets. TinyViking 5 Posted 15 August - Will "demo" them if asked. Back to Light Tanks.

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Every time I see one of these tanks in battle, it's always the first to die. Check out my complete Polish Tank Tree proposal below!

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This tank get horrible MM and always is in tier V or better.