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I felt minimized in ways that were hard to put into words. I knew I would feel regret no matter what I chose-but which form of regret was I willing to bear? He has a way with words that could make one of those old-time executioners get misty-eyed.

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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. If you don't end up marrying, you will have avoided a costly mistake. He was the one who ended it because he was unsure of getting married.

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I can look at it now and know that I just wanted my big day. Going back to the dating phase is really second guessing whether this person is actually worthy of being committed to you for life.

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I had been his sounding board throughout law school, his moral support when we drove to the state capital to take the exam, his cushion from the pins and needles that followed. At least you saved yourself from the inevitable divorce.

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If you end up marrying, you will know that you put in the work to make the marriage work. It is natural to feel anxious about the responsibilities that come with marriage. Advanced Search Search terms.

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Sometimes being with an individual for an extended period makes many of us believe that we have to stand by and ride for whatever they put us through.

I respect all that. Cynthia, 39, Ontario, Canada How long were you together? Not unless your boyfriend is ready to get serious about dealing with his problem. There were some issues along the way but the good times were great.

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I can remember crying and declaring to a boy that I would wait for him… and I can remember a boy hiding under an underpass and chasing me home one night after we broke up. Usually within twenty minutes we have apologized, if necessary, and went back to being the loving people we normally are.

It will be simple and unfussy.

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The rowing became all we did, I took off the engagement ring 4.

You are stronger than you want to believe, you can wait if he is right. If you decide to marry this man, don't expect his addiction to go away on its own once you've said your wedding vows. Yuck, What to write in a second message online dating know, but chattanooga dating sites, look at the bright side!

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I only told him about the date thing to a allow him to feel I wasn't so devastated anymore, that I was not his emotional responsibility b that I wasn't so deperate for HIM if he didn't want to be as close to me as I was to him and c to maybe put the wind up him.

Two years ago, I was not.

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Jenny, 33, Minneapolis, Minnesota How engaged back to dating were you together? What did you do with your dress?

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I finally had a reason to leave him! We strongly recommend pre-engagement counseling for couples who are at a cross roads between breaking up and pursuing marriage.

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It was and is still hard but I think If i continued it would have just come up later and been harder and more complicated. Four years How did the engagement end? And as I was the 'dumpee' in this particular round, I can't contact him!