Signs she is dating you for money Signs She’s After Your Money

Signs she is dating you for money, 1. it's always about her

Every time she asks you for something and you tell her about a challenge, she threatens to leave you.

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Check if choosing a place to go is all about her. If she's proud to be in the relationship, she'll be happy to call you her boyfriend.

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If your partner is going to use credit, make sure it is his or her account, and not yours. Maybe they want you to fix something or pick up something for them. See if she's commitment-phobic. A lady that wants a future with you would encourage you to go into meaningful investments; she would always want to know how well your business is doing or how well you are doing in your place of work.

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However, you may need to end the relationship altogether. Follow the steps above when entering a relationship and let your character compass be your ultimate guide to not making the mistake of marrying a gold digger in the first place.

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Everyone does something wrong sometimes. The top 5 moments.

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And only spend within your means. What your partner has is never good enough and he or she is constantly looking and pointing out what someone else just bought. The journey to finding true love and happiness is not always as smooth as expected.

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