I am dating a blind girl 10 things to learn about dating a blind person.

I am dating a blind girl

Like for example when you said that I was 'pointing out flawed logic', see, I didn't actually do that. Nope; they choose according to other criteria.

1. There’s no chance of love at first sight with a blind person.

Tricking anyone when dating is involved is very wrong. Your basically using them. The 'show' doesn't have an opinion.

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How things have changed Bring back a properly revolting show like Duckman ; not just these shows that sit, buttocks held wide, straining on the radar. The recent episode I watched was about Quagmire's foster sister get physically abused by her boyfriend.

Sure you can date them honestly That's what I meant by bad Do you complain about shows you don't watch?

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This may sound a lot more aggressive than I mean it, but please Caramel - PLEASE - i am dating a blind girl about how your words might seem before committing them to post. I believe that blind people truly are the only type of people that can truthfully say that the looks of the person they are with don't matter.

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I knew a blind girl smite matchmaking test up, and while we never dated, I was always completel honest with her, and she said she would hav eliked to date me. It's probably not as easy to fool them as you might think.

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Especially after Buzz Feed took no notice of her… http: Do you say that programs you have zero experience with, have never seen and know nothing about are garbage? Great that you know everything about the episode you haven't watched.

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You're not going to be able to fool them that easily, and they're capable of taking care of themselves. Nothing wrong with dating blind people, handicapped, or anyone of the sort. User was banned for: That's like asking if it's wrong to date a girl who's dim, or gullible.

Considering just normal dating, not your friend's case, which is creepy.

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That tone of voice thing wouldn't work in a real dating sites that are not scams situation though. Blind people have no fashion sense.

I find it kind of funny that at the same time you were writing this, I was actually watching that very episode of Family Guy. It's funny that you thought I said "I didn't watch the program" when what I actually said was "Family Guy is absolutely devoid of all merit".

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